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At the confirmation of purchase, payment will be charged to your iTunes or Google Play account. Subscriptions are automatically renewed so you have to turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of your current membership period. If you don't upgrade to premium, you will have a fairly limited experience as you can't view profiles, photos, and messages. I wanted to find love. During registration alone I already knew this was different because of how detailed the questions were.

This dating website has many hidden features that, when used correctly, produces amazing results. I've had a few women publish photos for me just because I requested it. How amazing is that? I'm happy that I only get matches that already have mutual interests as me. The website looks sleek and professional. The functions are easy to spot and use. It's not like other dating websites that are cluttered and confusing. Because it is so easy to navigate, you can spend most of your time exploring other profiles and messaging ladies instead of trying to figure out your way around.

Your browsing experience will certainly be engaging. When you upgrade to a premium membership, your subscription automatically renews before it expires. So always to remember to manage your accounts and stay updated. If you've already found a match on Be2 and want to cancel, note that the cancellation period is 14 days.


be2 NZ: Test reports, hints and experiences with be2 in New Zealand

If you don't get to establish contact with at least 10 matches as Be2 promised, they will extend your premium membership for free. This function lets you ask your matches some pre-texted question from a list. Through this, you can find out more about a person without committing to a full conversation. This also makes it easier for people who are afraid of making the first move. By using JUST ask, you just have to sit back and wait for responses, and let the conversation flow.

The Be2 Index is the result of a complex calculation between your personality test results and profile information. It is the marker of your personality in comparison to others. Your Be2 Index is the analysis of your tendencies between Rationality vs. Attachment, and Observation vs. The Be2 Index is used to evaluate your degree of compatibility with another person. This is how your matches are curated.

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You can read more details about this on the right side of any profile you visit under "More details about matching". Be2 works by assessing your personality during the test you will take while signing up. The scientific personality assessment is free of charge and gives you an insight into your own character. Your Be2 Index is the result of a complex calculation that evaluates the degree of your compatibility with another user. In such Cases, the Customer will be informed of the relevant Contract Period, the possibility of termination and any automatic extension of the Contract Period that may apply.

Payment 1 Once the Customer's application for Premium Membership Services has been accepted and the payment transaction has been completed successfully, the Customer's payment card will be debited immediately. If I were you: I will pay them because they have enough info of you to take you to the cleaners Thank you for your response. I don't understand how they can in force payment when I'm living in another country, I checked with a lawyer. Also, Be2 have confirmed that my membership is cancelled, as I followed their process of printing out the termination letter and signing it, sent via post.

However, they still want the remaining 3 months payment, so unsure as to what to do. Wendidole replied on Sep 23, Thanks God O was sign for 6 months but I decided to sign for one month, time to change your credit card, this website is crab and it should be banned from the Internet.

Mic Emma replied on Mar 20, They took more than four hundred dollars in my credit card and I was only a ,ember for three weeks as I thought I signed up for a trial. The messgaes that I got were all false. They did not have a real person in those profile. I need your advise re how I can delete my profile.

Gigi replied on May 09, Bluette Krogh asked on Apr 18, You must write a letter to the manager in Luxemberg ,but do it register so you will know that she received and confirm. Also if you have paid by Pay Pal , you can block the next pay to them I have done it just in case but within the 14 days.

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They should give you money back. Pay Pal has written to me something very interesting.. Will be worse the effort to get together and we all complain to this agency ; I dont know about them ,but i will find out how to contact them. I realize that this isn't the outcome you'd have wished for, but I hope you understand why we made this decision. While I cannot change this, I will make sure your objection is duly recorded. After reviewing the case, your case has been closed in your Seller's favor.

You have received the services from Seller but you're not happy with the service and the quality of the app. Unfortunately, we are unable to take any action on this claim because it is not eligible under PayPal Purchase Protection. We understand that you're not satisfied and not happy with the outcome of this case, however we cannot change this decision. We recommend that you contact the seller directly for a resolution. To file a complaint, go to http: Thank you for choosing PayPal.

Sincerely, Syaidatina Afiqah PayPal. A very horrible site I know how you feel.

Be2 Customer Service, Complaints and Reviews

Caleb replied on Feb 23, I live in Europe so don't know Australian Internet trading laws, but here Be2 demand a faxed request before they will consider refund, or cancellation of membership. This is clearly only trying to make life difficult for the customer, as every other dating site I know just require a few clicks of the mouse. Their contact information is on their site. However if you have used your full membership in any way, they will refuse to refund. How these people are allowed to trade with all the consumer protection laws baffles me.

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Good luck with this, and post a review of this company. AlanC replied on Jan 28, You can stop payment if within 24 hrs or just take all your money out of account or report your card as stolen that will stop payment. Beth replied on Feb 14, I'm trying to escape from be2, and cannot change anything on the profile or reach them in any way to cancel payment. Looks like I will have to go to the bank, feeling pretty silly and embarrassed! Should have read the reviews! I did this but Be2 now have threatened me with legal action and a bad credit report.

If anyone else has information on any follow up let us in on the secret. Good luck getting out of their greedy dishonest clutch. Linda replied on Nov 18, I have the same problem too. Be2's lawyer now, has sent me an email asking for payment. What are the consequences if I am not paying them? Can anyone help in this regards.

Be2 Review January 12222

If you made reasonable attempts to cancel the "service" then there is no case to answer. Be2 have also threatened me to garnishee wages and bank accounts in the next 30 years. They are just trying it on. In any case, Be2 are in Luxembourg, so any court costs are greater than the supposed debt.

Interestingly I have been receiving an inordinate amount of junk mail from Luxembourg. Linda replied on Feb 06, These debt collection threats are typical of bullying cheats.

Delete Your knowuloninmeek.tk Account - How To Cancel Your Be2 Membership

They know they are dealing mainly with older people who by nature are trusting and not aggressive, and who they no doubt hope will comply with their demands. Simply ignore their threats. It's not worth getting upset over hard as I found that myself. I emailed their Support whether he had parents, and whether they knew how he made his money. Needless to say he ignored it. But honestly, how do these people sleep straight at night? Just cancel your cards because the website they give you or email number does not excist.

Hi guys you need to contact your banks they will contact fraud squad it is elegal what this company is doing. Don't let them bully you they don't really excist. Cancel credit card, or do as I did mine expired so the new details dont match the original card and also if you paid through paypal, cancel the ongoing payment. Delete any emails you get from these scum without even answering them, this makes them thing you didnt get them, or block their email address so all emails go straight to the trash can.

Another cuntry cant take you to court and a judge will laugh them off the court as they are nothing but scammers, they wont risk going to court. They also threaten that they will black mark your credit rating, big deal been scammed before so my credit rating shot, so ignore them legally they cant do a thing.

Hating Be2 asked on Jul 05, Would love to help you out, which State are you in? I also cancelled my credit card and have a new card. Did you send the cancellation doc by email as well as fax? KMAG replied on Jul 05, Report them to the ACCC.

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